KEZLEV (QHA) - Europe Day will take place in Kezlev on July 12. Major festive events will be arranged on “the Small Jerusalem” within framework of the Summer Evenings on the Karaite Street Festival, the Kezlev's municipal press service reports referring to the Vice-Mayor Serhii Strelbytskyi.
According to the press service, amateur groups will perform on stages along the whole tourist route.
“Many surprises will wait town dwellers and guests of the resort. This is the European music bus running into the town, special master classes, shows of the new ensembles, etc. Of course, the new examples of souvenirs dedicated to the Council of Europe will appear on the tourist route”, the Mr. Strelbytskyi said.
Representatives of the European consulates accredited in Crimea are invited to the solemn event.
Note: Kezlev was awarded by the 2013 European Diploma of the Council of Europe as acknowledgment of the work done at European level. Also the town got the Best Practice Award for outstanding service in revival of seaside towns in 2012.