(QHA) - The Autonomous Republic of Crimea has currently accepted 5 million tourists. Until the end of 2013, their number will grow to 6 million. Crimean Resorts and Tourism Minister Alexander Liev told this at a press conference in Kyiv, reports Ukrinform. “For today, August 28, Crimea accepted 5 million tourists. Out of these 5 million, almost 4 million arrived in July and August. Until the year end, this figure, most likely, will reach 6 million,” Liev said. Liev also noted considerable growth of the flow from Russia against the previous year - by 12 %, as well as from Belarus - by 30%. Large growth by 37% was demonstrated by Azerbaijan and Turkey. A flow from the EU countries grew by almost 10%. He specified that growth of the tourist flow this year against 2012 is 1.2% up against the previous year, despite the fact that a 4% fall was in July-August. Growth took place at the expense of the growing number of tourists, who came in winter, spring and early summer. In turn vice-head of Council of Ministers of Crimea Georgiy Psarev, noted that September in Crimea is summer’s forth month. “Crimea is famous for its weather that is more favorable for rest and recovery in autumn. As for prices they are lower than in July and August”, – said Psarev.