The co-called Minister of resorts and tourism in the peninsula states that Crimea is not ready to compete with Turkey during active summer season. -

The co-called Crimean Minister of resorts and tourism Sergey Strelbitskiy considers that Crimean resorts can not compete with Turkish ones.

– We haven’t felt the influence of Turkey yet, and that will not happen till the end of season as the holiday packages were bought in May. Next year this old-new market insider will emerge and the situation will change. During swimming season Turkey appears as a serious competitor – Crimea is not ready to compete with Turkey over a swimming period, – he mentioned.

In addition to the above Strelbitskiy expressed hope that the peninsula can succeed in another touristic field like sanatorium-resorts, which according to him “works not only during the season”.

– Swimming season lasts for 4-5 months, whereas sanatorium-resort season lasts for 9 months. And if we increase touristic flow during off-season period we will prolong the season, which is crucial for business, – Strelbitskiy supposes.

He plans to address representatives of hotel business and sanatorium-resort sector with a proposition to work more actively during off-season period.