AutoMaidan activists show Crimea crowded beaches of Odesa

Activists said hello to invaders, showing crowded beaches of a Ukrainian resort town that are markedly different from the empty Crimean ones.

21 June 2016 10:27

Odesa AutoMaidan activists videotaped touristy city beaches and sent greetings to occupants of Crimea, where the beginning of the tourist season, in spite of so much hope, failured. 

“Odesa sends greetings to KrymNash (“Crimea is ours” in Russian – Ed.) Lanzheron Beach, Odesa 19.06.2016,” reads the description below the video on YouTube.

The video was shot with a drone showing beaches of "Otrada," "Langeron," "Dolphin" and other beaches.

It was reported earlier that the inhabitants of the occupied Yevpatoria posted pictures of dirty city beaches on social networks. A Ukrainian journalist has recently showed the photos of empty beaches of Alushta, Evpatoria, Koktebel and Kerch.

Photo: Internet