24, Crimea has been visited by 3 million tourists, which is 2,2 % more than for
the same period of the last year, the press service of the Ministry of Resorts
and Tourism of Crimea informed. 

Ministry notes that 10% of the total number of tourists are those, who arrived
by air.  “The flow of people arrived by
air is 308 thousand people, which is 11,3% more than last year.  The increase in railway passenger flow constitutes
3,3%”, - say in the Ministry.   

to the first deputy of the Minister- Nikolay Marinov, the number of tourists
who come to Crimea is increasing annually. 
For example, last year for May holidays Crimea received 16,5% more
tourists than in 2011; in September-October of 2012- 13,1% more tourists
comparing to 2011.  At the same time, the
number of tourists during the high season did not increase significantly.    

“This year
the same trend continues.  In April-May
2013 the grow in the tourists flow was 24%, comparing to very successful 2012”,-
notes Mr. Marinov.

increase in number of people who arrive by air means that air travel to Crimea
becomes more affordable”, -summarized Mr. Marinov.