Ukrainian swimmer set World Cup record

A 21-year-old Kiev citizen Zevina was the best in the backstroke race at a 200 meters distance and finished second in 50 meters.

27 August 2016 16:37

Ukrainian athlete Darya Zevina won two medals on the first day of the World Swimming Cup in Chartres (France), reported the National Olympic Committee.

The Ukrainian set a World Cup record in 200 meters backstroke, having covered the distance in 1: 59.35. Zevina has beaten the triple Olympic Games champion in Rio de Janeiro, a Hungarian Katinka Hossa.

At the Olympics in Rio Hossa was placed second in this race as she finished behind an American Meydelin Dirado who swam the distance in 2: 05.99.

Darya Zevina covered a 50-meter distance in 26.43 and won silver.

Zevina failed to reach the final at the Olympic Games in Rio having been ranked 9th in the semifinal swim. The athlete has covered the distance in 2: 09.07 that appeared to be worse than her result in the preliminary race.

Photo: Internet