(QHA) - Ukraine stunned France with two second-half goals on Friday to win the first leg of their World Cup playoff 2-0 and put the heavily favored visitors in real danger of missing the tournament, AP informs. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after the match against France in the play-off qualifying round of the World Cup 2014 went to the locker room of the Ukrainian national team and personally congratulated the team on a convincing victory, according to Ukrinform. "In a tense battle, you have demonstrated professionalism, proved your skills and met the expectations of millions of fans," Viktor Yanukovych said. He wished the players and coaches good health, inexhaustible energy, new tangible achievements and expressed hope that the national team will continue to win victories and strengthen a positive image of Ukrainian football in the world. Jointly with Yanukovych, President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Anatoliy Konkov congratulated the team.