Tyson made another statement about Klitschko

The British heavyweight challenger, the EBU champion, Tyson Fury is sure he will tempt Vitali Klitschko out of retirement once he has 'flattened' younger brother Vladimir.

17 November 2015 12:00

Invincible "Gypsy Warrior" made a daring appeal to the Ukrainian champion under versions WBA / WBO / IBF / IBO.

- I'd beat both of them. Give me a couple of weeks, I'd prepare for both of you, no problem. I am sure that once I've flattened you, your brother might come out of retirement. What for? In order to meet with me. But first off it's Dusseldorf and Vladimir Klitschko. He's going to sleep, said Fury as cited by “The Gloves are off”.

Shocking Fury does not cease to throw loud and caustic words. Recently, he made odious statement that Klitschko brothers are sorcerers and Devil worshippers.