The Ukrainian lady fencing team of Olga Harlan, Elena and Alina Kravatskoy Komaschuk is, according to bookmakers, one of the favorites of today's competition in fencing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, UNIAN reports.

The Russian team with the members Sofia Velikaya, Yana Egoryan and Catherine Danchenko is considered the main contender for the gold medal.The coefficient on their victory is 1.75. Ukraine is the second in the bookmakers’ ranking.

The victory of the  Ukrainian fencers can be bet with a 3.8 coefficient. And the Ukrainians setback in the fight for gold is valued by 1.22.

The next in the sportbetting rank are the USA Team (4.7), France (7.5), Italy (13.0), Poland (18.0), South Korea (23.0) and Mexico (80.0).

Photo: Internet