The Turkish basketball player of the Crimean Tatar origin Ersan Ilyasova won a victory over the Serbia’s national team in last five minutes of the match that was held on September 14 this year. Forward of the Turkish team Ersan Ilyasova stressed the importance of victory over Serbia (69:64) in the match of qualifying lab of the European Basketball championship. 
“It was important to win, having four running wins. If we could lose, so the importance of previous successes could be depreciated. Personally I tried to do everything for the team. We fully exerted ourselves on the basketball pitch and had it in last five minutes” – Mr. Ilyasova said. 
Ersan Ilyasova scored an average 17.3 points and occupied the second place after Pau Gasol (Spanish Catalan professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) has 18.9 points). 
It should be noted that the special attention is attracted by the story of his life except the impressive play of the basketball player. 
Ersan Ilyasova’s biography became the apple of discord among professional basketball specialists, although he notes that he is a citizen of Turkey. Ersan Ilyasova’s biography is interpreted in different ways by the different sources, for example representatives of Turkey say that Ersan Ilyasova was born in May 15, 1987 in Eskişehir (Turkey) but the Uzbek basketball bonzes (and some still believe) insisted for a long time that Arsen Ilyasov was born three years earlier in Bukhara, and only in 2002 moved to a foreign land. For clarity, the Uzbeks presented the documents, which indicated that in August 2002 Arsen moved to the Turkish shore and completely covered his tracks - like vanished into thin air. 
Moreover, it was known that Ersan’s parents live in Crimea – mother’s name is Iraliya and father - Anvar Ilyasov, which together with the Crimean Tatar people get involved with Ersan. Due to busy schedule of Ilyasova, he seldom sees his parents. The one of such meetings was held in Kyiv in 2008, when the basketball national team of Turkey played with the Ukrainian team. At that time they stayed together for about 3 hours. “We are proud of Ersan. The match in Ukraine has given us the opportunity to meet with our son. We are trying not to miss his matches and when we see him, we really want to embosom him” – Ersan’s father Anvar Ilyasov said.
FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) was interested in the mysterious history of life of Ersan, which initiated the investigation on this matter but perfectly formalized documents by the Turkish lawyers quickly were damped down international officials’ detective enthusiasm. There is no reason to seek the truth if there are no clues from the legal point of view. Ilyasova got a start in life and basketball on the Turkish metrics. Paradoxically however the official registration of Ersan was in 2002 by the incredible coincidence when Semçettin Bülüt volunteered to formalize the paternity - after 15 or 18 (according to Uzbek data) years after his born. 
Ersan Ilyasova showed his talent as a young perspective basketball player at the age of 16. In 2003-2004 Ilyasova played for the Turkish team Yeşilyurt, 2004-2005 for the team Ülker (Turkey), 2005-2006 the American team Tulsa 66ers (United States), 2006-2007 Milwaukee Bucks (United States), and since 2007 Ilyasova is a basketball player of the Barcelona (Spain) as well as the national basketball team of Turkey. 

Hayder Hacimambet – Nara Nariman