SEVASTOPIL/ AQYAR (QHA) - The British capital will be hosting on Wednesday, Aug. 29, the opening ceremony of the XIV Summer Paralympic Games 2012.
The show will start with the flying of the Aerobiliti team, the British charity organization, which trains people with disabilities to become pilots.
After raising the national flag of the United Kingdom and performing the anthem, the parade of the participating countries the Games is to begin. The Federations will take positions in alphabetical order, and the home team will close the column. After that, there will be raised the flag with the emblem of the Paralympics "Agitos' (Latin "agito" -"I move"), consisting of three multi-coloured arcs - red, blue and green - the colours that are most often found on the national flags. There also will be lit symbolic Paralympic flame that will burn until the end of the competition.
A special role in the ceremony is given to Queen Elizabeth II - the first time in history, she will open the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Her Majesty, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh will appeal to all audience, “I declare the Paralympic Games in London 2012 open,” Golos.UA writes.
Competing in the 2012 Paralympic Games will be also three Crimean athletes from Aqyar/ Sevastopil: swimmers Eskender Mustafaiev and Dmytro Kryzhanivskyi, and shooter Olha Mustafaieva.
For Dmytro Kryzhanivskyi these Games will be the third in his career.
Master of Sports Eskender Mustafaiev will compete in four disciplines of swimming tournament: 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, the 50-meter backstroke, and the 200-meter distance freestyle.
Olha Mustafaieva, winner of World Cup-2011, will perform in competition of air pistol shooters.