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The Spartak Olympic sports training center in Alushta (Crimea) will in the near future become a training base for Russian national teams in track and field events and swimming, Alexander Roslyakov, director of the Russian Sports Ministry’s investment development and state property management department, said Tuesday.

“One of the bases where Russian national teams train will be situated in Alushta,” Roslyakov told TASS. “I have recently returned from Crimea and I attentively studied the facility. It is based on a rather vast territory - 10 hectares, and has a hotel for 500 beds. Track and field athletes may train in the center.”

“After reconstruction of the swimming pool, swimmers will have excellent conditions for training. Soccer players may also prepare for responsible competitions there. This is a very good training center that does not need serious spending on reconstruction,” he said.

The Spartak Olympic sports training center was a training base for Ukrainian national teams before March 2014.