The VII open tournament in the national struggle kuresh among youths is to be held on Saturday, Jan. 30, according to Avdet.

The event is dedicated to the memory of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, a distinguished test pilot Amet-Khan Sultan.

Competitions will be held among boys 1998-2001 year of birth.

According to Server Memetov, a Secretary of the Crimean Federation of the national struggle kuresh, the tourament is planned to be held in Buyuk Onlare (the town of Oktiaberske), Kurmanskiyi district. All willing are invited. The entry is free.

In kuresh wrestlers use belts to hold their opponents, and thus try to knock each other over grappling with the belts. The winner is the one who lifts the opponent and throws him on his back and then falls together with him. After two defeats a player drops out. The bouts do not last long - about five minutes. If a bout ends in a draw, the judge provides extra time until someone wins having got hold of the belt.