AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - In the urban village Sarabuz/Hvardiiske (Simferopol/Aqmescit raion), a Christian sect agitated among the Crimean Tatar youth. The Christian booklets translated into Crimean Tatar were handed out near the 3rd school. The leaflets were distributed by Crimean Tatar boys and girls.
As Muslim Derviş, the leader of the All-Crimean NGO Emel said in an interview to QHA news agency, this situation is a sign of cultural assimilation of the Crimean Tatar people.
"As a Crimean Tatar and a Muslim I do not see anything positive in this campaign for us. In this case, this represents for us cultural assimilation, when we set aside our outlook and cultural peculiarities and take what our ancestors did not observe for centuries, did not adhere to. You need to know and respect your heritage, to learn your culture, to come back to your outlook. The only way for us to be preserved is to get revived. There is no other way," Mr. Derviş said.
Muslim Derviş also advised his Crimean Tatar compatriots to exercise care in cases like this, not to forget their culture and to be active in its revival.
"Every Crimean Tatar has to start (to develop their culture - Ed.) with himself, with concepts such as "me", "my family ", and "those who surround me". Given the fact that, unfortunately, not all of our compatriots are cause-conscious, this task will most likely have to be solved by active public figures, our compatriots who care about the future of the people," the head of the Emel believes.
Hayder İsmail, Assistant Mufti of Muslims of Crimea also shared his views on the propaganda of the Christianity among the Crimean Tatars in his interview with QHA.
"I do not know the reasons for which they (the boys and girls of the Crimean Tatar ethnicity - ed.) did this, whether they accepted the doctrine of the Christian sect whose brochures they were handing out, or they did it out of surreal motives. It is unknown to me, but in any case I believe that every person has to stand up for his people, for its future, for his country and, of course, for his culture. And therefore, if a person who calls himself a Crimean Tatar, a Muslim, distributes or promotes literature that is alien and uncharacteristic for the Crimean Tatars or Muslim, it is worth thinking about how much of a Crimean Tatar or a Muslim they are. I think here we can observe a lack of knowledge on the history of our people and, of course, the lack of love towards it, lack of anxiety for its future, that is, the sense of patriotism is not up to the test. It all starts in the family - is necessary to impart to our children a sense of patriotism and love for our people, for our Homeland, Crimea," Mr. İsmail said.
Last year, the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea warned the Muslims-Crimean Tatars to beware of the Christian sectarian literature translated into the Crimean Tatar language.