Dmitry Yarosh, a former Head of the Nationalist Movement "Right Sector" decided to leave the Party and jointly with his team create a new one that will focus on the state development.

- It's high time to intensify our struggle and build a broad national patriotic movement [...] We are aware of the need to bring into our ranks a great number of people who previously have not been members of the "Right Sector", but still were carrying out works to develop our state and did everything possible that Ukraine combats the Russian aggressors, state corruption and other negative factors that do not allow the Ukrainian people to get the coveted freedom, justice and well-being, Yarosh said in a video message.

Yarosh said that the "Right Sector" has carried out its mission aimed at creation, implementation and completion of the revolution, which, in his opinion, is over. He also added that some battalions of the Volunteer Corps along with the Ukrainian "Hospitallers" will be reorganized into the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.