Secretary of the Yalta city council, candidate to the Yalta mayor on behalf of the Regions Party, Serhii Ilash turns out at the centre a scandal that is the second one in the recent times. As it turned out, he is registered in the bedsitter of the Yalta resident Olha Tatarnikova, according to Krym.Komentarii.
When Ms. O. Tatarnikova has decided to sell her one-room apartment, it turned out that 6 men more are registered in her home. Noteworthy, all of them came to Yalta from one city – Donetsk. Among of them, there is the Secretary of the Yalta city council Serhii Ilash who also came from Donetsk. It would be noted Mr. S. Ilash is acting the Yalta Mayor now and he is nominated as the candidate to the post of this post by the ruling Regions Party.
Woman did not lose her head and applied to a lawyer and the mass media. The Yalta city prosecutor had to give a commission to the militia to check this fact of the malfeasance.
Furthermore, journalists managed to identify one “tenant” more: it is 24-year-old Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Autonomous Republic of Crimea Ivan Vasiutin who is the son of the Ukrainian MP of the last convocation of the Regions Party and also came from Donetsk.
It would be recollected that earlier the Secretary Serhii Ilash called representatives of the Roma people as “animals” during the operational meeting. He also demanded from the law enforcers to “clean” the city from the Roma people.