Aug 22 the yacht, earlier owned by already late Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky, entered the port in the city of Odessa flying the Ukrainian flag. The businessman passed away three years ago.

People say that the yacht is quite a frequent guest in Odessa, reported UNIAN.

When owned by Boris Berezovsky, it was called Thunder B.

The yacht is protected. The people who appear on the pontoon of the yacht club are immediately approached by guards and warned that it is prohibited to take pics of the ship as it is a private property. The yacht length is about 50 meters, width- over 8 m, draft of 1.5 m, cruising speed - 19 knots, maximum - 30.

- The yacht Thunder B, which was owned by the Russian oligarch, in April 2013 was sold to a buyer from Croatia, said the Dutch yacht broker De Valk, however, did not specify the new owner’s name.

The exiled Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky died under mysterious circumstances on March 23, 2013 in the UK. Since the autumn of 2000, Berezovsky had been a political opponent of the current Russian president Vladimir Putin.

PHOTO: Dumskaya