The Crimean teacher and blogger Yuri Ilchenko told about all the "attractions" of Russian prison, where people often hang themselves and cut their wrists. He also told that when he refused to wear a St. George ribbon, the Security officials did not let him sleep for 4 days.

“When I was in prison, the real pressure began. Security forces restrained me from communicating with other political prisoners. I was accompanied by criminals, some of them having 6 murders under belt. We were forbidden to communicate in the cells, as well as to speak Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages. It was a persecution on ethnic grounds. We were allowed to speak only Russian and were often put into punishment cells. On the Victory Day, Security officials insisted on my wearing a St. George ribbon. I refused and was not allowed to sleep for 4 days. It was standing on feet and beaten if tried to sleep. The prison is overcrowded so that prisoners can not sit. 16 people placed into a 9-meters cell it is fine. I've seen people hanging themselves, cutting their wrists just a few meters away from me. I was surprised by the attitude towards the elderly and the disabled. They were not provided with medicine or hospital treatment. The young offenders are placed together with the 80-year-old people and the disabled without arms or legs,” told Yuri Ilchenko about the realities of Russian prisons.

Moreover, the Russian Security officials forced Ilchenko to sign papers, alleging that he is the coordinator of the "Right Sector" on the territory of Sevastopol and responsible for Lenin's monument undermining.

“They have such a mania to think that everyone wants to destroy their beloved leader,” the blogger said.

A 38-year-old Yuri Ilchenko is an owner of a foreign languages school. He speaks 8 languages fluently. The teacher posted articles on his personal website criticizing the Russian occupation of the peninsula and its aggression in the East of Ukraine. It resulted in filing a criminal case against him. Pro-Russian Crimean authorities charged Ilchenko under the articles "Public calls for extremist activity" and "Incitement of ethnic hatred and enmity".

July 2, 2015, the Russian Federal Security Service and the Extremism Combat Centre arrested Yuri Ilchenko and placed him in the detention facility in Simferopol for 11 months. In June, he was transferred to house arrest, but he escaped to Ukraine.