The World Muslimah beauty pageant has been won by Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola from Nigeria, reports Euronews.

She beat twenty finalists in the competition in which the contestants were judged not on conventional beauty but how well they recited the Holy Koran and their knowledge of Islam.

The beauty pageant was organized by the World Muslimah Foundation in direct response to reactions to the mainstream Miss World competition taking place in Indonesia.

“It is not against Miss World, but against pornography, against sexual appeal in front of the children so women should be well empowered, highly appreciated and also well educated, that is the issue, explained Eka Shanti the founder of World Muslimah contest.

The Miss World beauty contest has created widespread controversy with protests on the streets.The opposition to the pageant forced organizers to move the final from Jakarta to Bali and to drop the traditional swim wear round. 

As reported, the World Muslimah competition attracted over 500 participants from around the world who competed in online rounds to reach the final. It’s the first time foreign participants have competed alongside local women.