UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his telephone conversation with Turkish President thanked Turkey for hosting the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit to be held on May 23-24 in Istanbul.

The Secretary-General believes that this summit will be a powerful message around the world, and he is extremely pleased to be supported by the Turkish government and President. In his turn, Erdogan stressed that necessary preparations for the maximum success of the summit and comfortable reception of all its participants are underway. It is an extraordinary honor for Turkey and Turkish President to be the first country to host such an event.

Erdogan also noted that the summit will be an excellent opportunity for holding a series of meetings to discuss global and regional issues. In particular, during the telephone conversation, Ban Ki-moon and Erdogan discussed the need for closer cooperation of the international community in resolving the immigration crisis and the current situation in Syria. Besides these troubling issues the Cyprus problem and need to take action to resolve it were mentioned as well.

In addition to the official delegations of the UN member states, senior officials from regional and international organizations, politicians, heads of state, members of civil society, academics and representatives of the media will attend the first-ever Word Humanitarian Summit. About five thousand people are expected to take part in the event.

During the two-day summit, a wide range of current issues will be discussed. Among them are: the role of policy in preventing and resolving conflicts, protection against global threats, common development, improvement of living standards of people, investing in human capital, gender equality, as well as issues of climate change and disaster management.

Photo: Internet