A police officer has drawn up a report on administrative violations regarding a resident of the city of Simferopol who during the raids on suppression of uncontrolled trade in Victory Avenue "repeatedly violated the public order."

According to the press service of Simferopol administration, Nov 9-10 during raids in Victory Avenue near the bus stop "Bela Kuna" "a citizen R. repeatedly violated public order calling vendors to disobey the authorities and provoking the police and the administration of the city of Simferopol with offensive statements against them and against the Constitution of the Russian Federation."

The woman refused to submit documents requested by a police officer and demonstrated resistance. She has been arrested for 15 days under Section 19.3 Part 1 of the Administrative Code for "disobeying the legitimate demands of the police." Administrative offence report has been drawn up against a woman and submitted to the Central District Court of Simferopol.