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encyclopedia wants to attract more helpers! 
Wikipedia administration took notice of criticism and is working to change
the rules for editing its articles.  They
will allow not only ‘academicians’ but ordinary readers to share their knowledge
and experience, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

also aims to solve its….gender problem.  It
has been criticized for the fact that practically all authors, about 90% are
men.  This, critics say, may lead to
arguments and misunderstandings.

system ‘Visual Editor’ has been developed to allow readers writing and editing
without any special computer codes, as it was earlier. 

“During the
last years we’ve realized that our volunteers-editors represent a small segment
of society,”- claims the site’s chief editor Jay Walsh to Times magazine.  He also stresses that not only the geography
needs to be widened but more women attracted as well.

Editor is already working in the English version of the site.  In the next few months it will be available
in other versions as well.