What do Ukrainians think about Ukraine?

The Institute of World Policy (IWP) has released results of a an opinion poll looking into Ukraine’s perception by its residents, as well as its chances of being granted EU membership.

21 August 2015 10:30

A survey asking Ukrainians what they associate their country with has been conducted in Ukraine.

Based on the TNS On-Line TRACK project, a nationwide online survey, excluding Crimea and the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, was conducted from June 14, 2015, to June 21, 2015.

Over 1000 respondents aged 18-25 were asked four questions: What do you associate Ukraine with? What do you think Ukraine is associated with in the EU? What do you want Ukraine to be associated with in the EU? What do you think the major obstacles Ukraine is facing on its way to the EU are?

The majority of those polled, particularly residents of central Ukraine, associate Ukraine with corrupted and inefficient government (24,6%).

“Hence it follows, that a couple of high-profile anticorruption cases , a handful of anticorruption laws and some anticorruption reforms have not convinced Ukrainians that genuine changes are taking place in the country, “ says Sergey Sladkiy, First Deputy Director of GPI.

An overwhelming majority of Ukrainians (72,3 %) would want the EU to perceive Ukraine primarily as a well-to-do country. The majority of Ukrainians also believe the EU residents regard the EU-Ukraine relations purely from an economic standpoint. Asked what the EU associates Ukraine with, 12% of the respondents replied ‘cheap labor’, 9,5% - ‘debts and loans’, 7,3% - ‘market for EU products’ and 7% - ‘fertile land’.

In response to the fourth question (“What do you think the major obstacles Ukraine is facing on its way to the EU are?”), 84,7% of the respondents said ‘corruption’ and 72,5% - ‘oligarchs’.

Ukrainian writer Nicolay Ryabchul, who attended the presentation, said that Ukraine should be integrating in the EU not only economically but also culturally.