Work is carried out to translate the interface of ‘Vkontakte’ social network into Crimean Tatar language. This was said by head of public organization “Kardashlyk” Asan Emirsaliyev to QHA news agency. According to Emirsaliyev, by this moment, about 40% of the interface has already been translated into the Crimean Tatar language; about three more months are needed to accomplish the work. “If we find volunteers, we’ll be able to accomplish this work in three months. At present, seven people are translating the interface; in order to finish the work in the set time frames we need not less than 15 specialists who speak Crimean Tatar and know Latin script”, said Emirsaliyev. Also, head of “Kardashlyk” shared who came up with an idea to translate VKontakte into Crimean Tatar language: “When the social network “VKontakte” began to gain popularity, interfaces in Tatar, Turkish and other languages appeared. The initiator to create an interface in Crimean Tatar language became the researcher of Crimean toponymy, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Alexander Goryainov, who is interested in the development of Crimean Tatar language and culture”. Note: VKontakte is the largest social network in RuNet, the first most popular in Belarus, the second- in Russia, the third- in Ukraine, the 20th- in the world. The resource initially positioned itself as a social network for students and graduates of Russian universities, later calling itself “modern, fast and esthetic way to communicate”. As of February 2013, the daily audience of VKontakte is more than 43 million people.