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Crimean capital Simferopol marked Victory Day on May 9. Thousands of people marched with flowers and flags along Simferopol streets.

Crimean premier Sergey Aksyonov, speaker of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov and veterans of WWII laid flowers to ‘Tank T-34’ memorial, then the column headed to Simferopol Gagarin’s Park to observe a minute of silence and pray for those killed in the War.

“Today we make you a low bow. We will never disgrace your honour”- Aksyonov said, addressing to veterans.

“Today is the unity of Russian people. It is not just a holiday for us. It unites us, and makes strong. It makes us one nation that do has future”- Konstantinov added.

Festive concert is to take place in May 9 evening at the central squire in Simferopol.

Meanwhile, Ukraine held muted Victory Day ceremonies today as authorities discouraged public gatherings, fearing they could spark clashes between pro-Russian activists and supporters of Ukrainian unity.