Under a verdict handed down by the Belogorsky District Court on December 11, Zubkov, the owner of Skazka zoo and Taigan lion sanctuary, has been given a suspended 3-year prison term and a probation term of one year, reads a statement released by the Prosecutor Office of Crimea.

“It has been found that that the convicted, who took personal dislike of a night watchman employed at the Taigan lion sanctuary (the town of Belogorsk) for the latter’s failure to duly fulfill his duties, delivered multiple kicks and punches to the night watchman followed by beating up with an extension cord. The watchman, therefore, suffered physical or moral maltreatment due to debasement of his human dignity,” reads the statement.

It was reported earlier that Oleg Zubkov, Director of the Skazka zoo and Taigan lion sanctuary, closed down his businesses protesting being treated unfairly by the Crimean authorities and Crimean General Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya.  Zubkov demands that Poklonskaya, who, in his opinion, disgraces the distinguished position of Prosecutor, should tender her resignation.