Veldar Shukurzhiev, a famous pro-Ukrainian activist and one of the founders of the Ukrainian Culture Center in Simferopol, was let into Crimea, reports the Crimean Human Rights Group.

Eyewitnesses report the border guards having had a long talk with Shukurzhiyev before giving him a written notice saying that he was banned from entering Russia until the year 2030. However, after some time, the border guards took the notice back and warned Veldar Shukurzhiev that they were letting him into Crimea for the last time.

They also told Shukurzhiev that if he wanted to continue to live in Crimea, he should apply for a Russian passport. Shukurzhiev’s travel companions who witnessed the whole situation unfold, confirmed that. Shukurzhiev is now in Crimea.

It was reported earlier that Russian law enforcement officers apprehended Shukurzhiev at the Kalanchak checkpoint on February 5, 2016. On November 24, 2015, Shukurzhiev had to spend 7 hours at the border checkpoint for no reason before being let into Crimea.