(QHA) - The Vatican recalled a series of commemorative medals after it was discovered that Jesus's name had been misspelled as "Lesus." According to the Vatican 6,000 of commemorative medals were produced by the Italian State Mint to commemorate the beginning of Francis' papacy, reports CBS News. The medal features a portrait of Francis on one side and on the other, a Latin phrase that the future pontiff says inspired him as a teenager to pursue the priesthood: "Vidit ergo Jesus publicanum et quia miserando antque eligendo vidit, ait illi sequere me." (Translation: "Jesus, therefore, saw the publican, and because he saw by having mercy and by choosing, He said to him, 'Follow me'"). However, the letter "J" in Jesus was mistakenly replaced with the letter "L". The error, which was tweeted by the Catholic News Service, can be spotted in the upper right side of the coin. The Telegraph reports that the medals - 200 in gold, 3,000 in silver and 3,000 in bronze - were withdrawn after being put on sale at the Vatican Publishing House in St Peter's Square.