(QHA) -

Representatives of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC-KP) are being persecuted in Crimea. Numerous incidents committed against the UOC-KP were not investigated yet.

Bishop of UOC-KP Kliment said this to QHA correspondent.

The statement comes after Kliment’s garden house was set on fire in Crimean Mramornoye village at night July 20.

The bishop stressed this is not the first incident that took place after Crimean annexation in March, noting none of the incidents was investigated.

“Police refuses to investigate incidents related to UOC-KP, among them stolen icon, attack of the church in Perevalnoe, burning of church in Evpatoria and others. All these incidents are ignored by police”- Kliment said.

“Through the persecution of church of Kiev patriarchate all Ukrainian people are being persecuted. They [authorities] do everything to make Ukrainians leave Crimea. They have banned Jemilev and Chubarov from entering Crimea, and now want to hit Kiev patriarchate. If they want to change something, they should consider Ukrainian community and Ukrainian church. In other way they are aggressors”- the bishop summed up.

As we earlier reported, a group of militants, identifying themselves as "Russian Orthodox Cossacks" barged into a local church of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Crimea in Perevalnoe village, during Sunday Divine Liturgy, June 1.

The gang members said they were seizing the building for the Moscow Patriarchate.

Police came after three hours and stood on a side of the attackers saying that Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate is anti-Russian.