(QHA) -

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization and (UNPO) and the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) has supported Crimean Tatar people and appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a letter.

The appeal comes days after Crimean authorities did not allow Mejlis—representative body of Crimean Tatars to arrange mass events in Simferopol on Human Rights Day, Dec 10.

The Mejlis, as well as Crimean Tatar organizations had been warned in advance that they would face charges if they tried to hold the gathering.

The letters points out the incidents of Crimean Tatar rights abuses, taking place in Crimea in recent months, among them arrests and disappearance of Crimean Tatar activists, bans on conducting mass events as well bans on Crimean Tatar leaders from entering Crimea, searches in Crimean Tatar homes, mosques and schools.

Heads of the UNPO and FUEN has called on Vladimir Putin to assist in ending of Human Rights violations in Crimea as well as to create a dialogue with the Mejlis.