UN Representative on IDPs Chaloka Beyani is planning to pay a nine-day visit to Ukraine in order to meet with government representatives, the public and the migrants’ families, reported the UN News Center.

Beyani plans to discuss the implementation of the recommendations proposed during his visit in 2014. The recommendations target the improvement of the IDPs situation in Ukraine. The UN representative also wants to see the current situation in the country.

During the forthcoming visit, I intend to evaluate the progress made in protecting and assisting the internally displaced persons, as well as to discuss current challenges and opportunities, reported Chaloka Beyani.

Beyani said that, according to the monitoring of IDPs situation in Ukraine, immigrants face many challenges while implementing their rights, in particular to social assistance, freedom of movement, housing and employment search.

According to Beyani, the immigrants issue can be solved if the latter are integrated into local communities.

Photo: Internet