A farewell ceremony for Pavel Sheremet, a well-know journalist of Ukrainska Pravda, is being held today in the Ukrainian capital. After that his body will be delivered by airplane to Minsk. The funeral service is to be held tomorrow, 23 July, from 11am to 2 pm at the Cathedral of All Saints located on Kalinowski Street, 121. Pavel Sheremet will be buried in the North Cemetery in Minsk at 14:30 on Saturday.  

On July 20, at 7.45 am, a car, driven by Pavel Sheremet working as a journalist in Ukrainska Pravda edition and as a host on Radio.Vesti, exploded at the intersection of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Franko Streets in Kyiv.  The journalist died in the ambulance.

The car belonged to Olena Prytula, the head of Ukrainska Pravda edition, but she was not inside the vehicle. The cause of the explosion was a bomb planted in the vehicle. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is already providing assistance to the Ukrainian authorities to investigate the murder.

Photo: YouTube