A Mariupol resident said her Ukrainian-kin was not sold bread at a local store. She outlined her complaint in a letter to a local edition 0629.

- On Saturday, our father in law came to visit us from the city of Zaporizha. He speaks Ukrainian and he came to a store to buy bread, but he was turned away with the words, "We don’t sell bread to Bandera’s followers." The man was also told that a current military situation and shelling are because of people like him and all those speaking Ukrainian. It is very unpleasant. We would like the leadership to "be aware of their locals’ behavior," said the woman who wrote the editors.

She also mentioned the address of the store.

When a correspondent of the edition contacted the representative of the company, which sells bread in stores around the city, she was assured that all sellers have been working for a long time and are very friendly to customers. Moreover, when a company's representative was informed on the incident, she said they have no store at that address.

Photo: Internet