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Text books on Ukrainian history will include more exact facts about Crimean Tatar deportation of 1944. The school program is being discussed, Vesti newspaper quoted Ministry of Education of Ukraine as saying.

The textbook’s new edition to be discussed till August 20, then all the amendments will be submitted for the collegium of Ministry of Education.

“The issue is replacing the term ‘the Great Patriotic War’ to World War II, more detailed information about Crimean deportation and activity of OUN-UPA and Ukrainian dissidents. Teachers will also inform pupils about the events of Maidan that took place this year. We will not talk about the ATO [anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine against pro-Russian separatists,-ed.] as it has not finished yet”- was said in the Ministry.

It should be noted that the books will not be re-written this year, as there are no enough funds. All the issues are methodical recommendations for teachers.

Note: The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) supported the idea of an independent Ukraine. During World War II the OUN was split in two factions called Melnykivtsi and Banderivtsi, headed by Andrew Melnyk and Stepan Bandera. They both struggled against Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and were united by the idea of independence for Ukraine but sometimes had divergent views with each. Moscow saw the Ukrainian nationalists as a dire threat and produced much Soviet propaganda blackening them especially Bandera who was falsely accused of crimes against both Ukrainians and Jews.