Delivering his report at a meeting of the so-called government of Crimea the Minister of Internal Policy, Information and Communications Dmitry Polonsky said that the mobile network upgrade in the resort area of the peninsula will be completed by June 20.

According to him, one of the main reasons hindering the process of overall modernization of the mobile network in Crimea is the reluctance of foreign companies - manufacturers of the necessary equipment - to communicate with the Crimean companies.

Hence, the Crimean authorities had to address the "friendly to Russia Chinese manufacturers" for the necessary equipment. 

“The problems with mobile communication are known to us, as well as their solution. The process of the mobile network upgrade on the Southern coast of Crimea and resort towns will be completed after the delivery of Huawei equipment (25 sets) to Crimea. The plane will arrive on June 12-13, and we also need a few days to install the equipment,” said Polonsky.

The Minister went on to say that the communication upgrade in Crimea is planned to be completed before the end of 2016.

Photo: Internet