Former employees from the city of Sevastopol who following the Russia’s occupation violated her oath and defected to aggressor-state, has been employed by the Ukrainian Navy, reported the blogger Alexander Kovalenko.

- Crimea’s traitors return to the Ukraine’s very heart - its Naval Forces! Apparently, they faced hard times without light and food and thus these rats who betrayed the motherland six years ago come running back to Bandera’s Ukraine seeking safety in the hands of Ukrainians, chastening bloody junta, says Kovalenko.

According to him, it is about Tatiana Kostiuk who served in Ukraine’s Navy Armed Forces on the Crimean territory as an accountant of the financial-economic service and held the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class.

- However, when Russia invaded the peninsula, this Madame, accurately after the maternity leave, funded by Ukrainian state, put on Russian military uniform. But apparently the happiness on the peninsula of freedom was short-lived, and here we are, she is already in the beloved homeland with the order of her appointment signed by the Commander of the Ukraine’s Naval Forces Sergei Hayduk November 24, 2015! According to the blogger.

According to Kovalenko, being the commander of the border patrol ship "Vinnitsa", Kostyuk’s spouse helped his wife to find a job in the mainland Ukraine.

- While her personal file is at the Prosecutor's Office, according to the blogger.