KYIV (QHA) - The Day of the National Flag of Ukraine is celebrated every year on August 23. This date was set in August 2004, according to the Presidential Decree No. 987/2004. Prior to that, the National Flag Day was marked only in Kyiv at the municipal level, reports Ukrinform. The National Flag of Ukraine is a flag of two equal horizontal blue and yellow bands with a ratio of the flag's width to its length at 2:3. The Ukrainian national tradition of symbolic reflection of the world has been formed over thousands of years. Using yellow and blue colors of different tints on the flags of Ukraine-Rus has been traced from the adoption of Christianity. Subsequently, these two colors assumed national significance. In the middle of XVII century blue or dark blue cloths with gold or yellow images of crosses and other symbols gained ground. In the days of the Cossacks yellow-blue color combination began to dominate on the Ukrainian banners, flags and kleinods. After the tradition of Cossack symbols interrupted, the issue of national symbols was not raised for a long time in Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire. The first attempt to create the yellow-blue flag of the two horizontal bands of approximately the shape as it is now was made by the Holovna Ruska Rada (a body representing the national movement of Ukrainian population in Galicia), which began the struggle for the revival of the Ukrainian nation. In June 1848 the yellow-blue flag was first raised at the City Hall of Lviv. On March 22, 1918 the Central Rada adopted the Law on the National Flag of the Republic, having approved the blue-yellow flag as a symbol of the Ukrainian People's Republic. On November 13, 1918 the blue-yellow flag became a state symbol of the West Ukrainian People's Republic. It was approved in Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia, and in 1939 - in Carpathian Ukraine. In 1917 - early 1919 the blue-yellow flag was used in Ukraine by the Bolsheviks. On August 24, 1991 the Act of Independence of Ukraine was proclaimed, and the blue-yellow flag was hoisted over the building of the Verkhovna Rada.