Mufti of Committee of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma” Said Ismagov urged Muslims all over the World not to come to Ukraine to fight against Ukrainians, he wrote on Facebook.

“Just take your ‘soldiers of fortune’ by hand and say strictly: There is nothing to do in Ukraine!”- he said.

“Everything is good in Ukraine, you cannot even imagine how the things went well here! We all find place in the sun and ground under our feet. We never faced any Muslim massacres, murder of imams or ethnic cleansing. We built mosques anywhere we wanted and they were never destroyed. There is no forbidden literature in Ukraine, and that’s that. The Holy Quran and its translations were never banned. We published Muslim newspapers, expressing our opinion without any censorship. Can you imagine the thing go that way in your countries?”- Ismagov noted.

“Muslims in Ukraine are integral part of the country, part of common history. We feel like home in Ukraine. It is our Homeland.” We were free to practice Islam, perform prayers and fast during the Holy Ramadan. Moreover, there is plenty of ethnic Ukrainians who converted to Islam. Everything is good in Ukraine. Don’t come here to fight against us”- he summed up.

Earlier, there were reports that among the militants who are fighting in south-east Ukraine along with pro-Russian rebels are Chechen militants.

On June3, Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov declared on REN TV he is ready to send 74,000 Chechens to Ukraine “to put things in order.”