Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Sedyuk on December 8 interrupted live coverage of a Russian channel Rossiya 24's from Independence Square in Ukraine to present the Russian channel and the star anchor, Dmitry Kiselyov -- with an "Oscar" for broadcasting what he described as "nonsense and lies" about the mass protests, RFE/RL informs.

"Here's an Oscar for your channel and for Dmitry Kiselyov, for nonsense and lies in live broadcast," Sedyuk mocked. "We love Russians, but not how you are covering this."

As reported, Russian state television has been churning out what critics describe as misleading, at times downright odd reports since protests erupted almost two weeks ago in Ukraine against President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to walk away from a key association deal with the European Union.

On December 8, as hundreds of thousands of angry demonstrators flooded Kyiv's Independence Square to call for the government's sacking - felling a statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin in the process -Russia's Channel One reported that "only a few hundred people" had turned out and assured viewers that the protests were "dying out."

Russian television reporters have spared no efforts to portray the protesters as a horde of hooligans funded by the West to topple Yanukovych and sow chaos in Ukraine.