Protesters are to rally in Khreshchatyk Street and Independence Square Sunday 12.00 p.m. People will appear with Ukrainian, Turkish, Crimean Tatar and Azerbaijani flags. At the beginning of the action the anthems of these countries and peoples are to be performed. The political and public figures are also planned to address the people.

The Turkish businessman Hacioglu Ismail, currently working in Ukraine, told QHA news agency (Crimean news Agency) more details on this protest.

- I live in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. I was a witness to the violence inflicted by Russian terrorists to people in Donetsk, Crimea and Turkey. That made me very upset. I thought that in order to attract the world's attention to this situation, it is necessary to hold such an action. I shared it with close to me people. They’ve supported me and we asked for legal permits, said Ismail Hacioglu.

The activist received permission from the Kiev administration with the help of the Azerbaijani Community in Kiev.

Hacioglu said he has been living in Ukraine for 17 years and he appreciates the freedom in this country.

- But this freedom has been destroyed by pro-Russian terrorism. As a businessman, I want a world where people live free from racial, religious, language and ethnic discrimination. This world is so huge that it will be enough for everyone’s need, said the arranger of the action.