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Ukrainian pop star Ruslana, the Eurovision winner who spent months singing to pro-European protestors in Kiev, is among 10 women honoured by the US for their bravery, AAP reports.

"It's very important to be here right now as a voice of my country," Ruslana Lyzychko said after receiving the 2014 International Women of Courage award by First Lady Michelle Obama.

"We fight a dictatorship, and now we can see the face of this dictatorship. Sorry, it's Putin," the petite singer said, speaking in English and clutching a blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag which she called her "good luck charm".

Michelle Obama paid tribute to the 10 activists chosen for the 2014 International Women of Courage award, saying the winners should be an inspiration to women everywhere.

"When we see these women raise their voices, and move their feet and empower others to create change, we need to realise that each of us has that same power, and that same obligation," Obama said at the State Department ceremony.

The nine others at the ceremony included a young Indian, Laxmi, who when she was 16 had acid thrown in her face after she rejected the advances of a 32-year-old friend of her brother's.