Ukraine’s Mufti condemned searches in Crimean mosques and medreses

Said Ismagilov also reminded about the recent actions of the Ukraine’s security forces in Vinnitsa Mosque when people were asked to show documents.

24 February 2016 13:20

Said Ismagilov, Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah," condemned the actions of the security forces against Muslims in Russia-occupied peninsula, Ismagilov told the QHA, noting that the recent searches in mosques in mainland Ukraine stand no comparison with violations of the rights and freedoms of believers in Crimea:

- The actions of the security forces in Vinnitsa mosque stand no comparison with the violations of the rights and freedoms of believers that happen in Crimea.

According to Ismagilov, in the city of Vinnitsa Muslims coming out of the mosque were asked to show documents proving the legality of their stay in Ukraine.

- It happened in the yard, not indoors, when people were coming out of the mosque. Current events in Crimea make us worry, empathize and think about our Muslim brothers and sisters in Crimea. A huge number of detentions of missing people and searches in mosques, medreses, and religious schools - Ukraine has never faced it and we hope it will never do, said Ismagilov.