(QHA) -

Ukraine's biggest television channel is under fire after broadcasting a New Year's Eve concert featuring Russian singers who have publicly supported separatists in eastern Ukraine, RFE/RL reports.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov has called on the National Council on Television and Radio to immediately consider stripping the channel, Inter, of its license.

Turchynov accused Inter of "acting against the Ukrainian state" by showcasing Russian singers "who have mocked our country by supporting terrorists and welcoming the seizure of Crimea and the Donbas."

One of the acts in the concert ridiculed Western sanctions imposed on Russia for its actions in Ukraine.

Ukraine's minister of information policy, Yuriy Stets, said he planned to introduce a bill under which Russian performers will be barred from Ukrainian broadcasts.

The New Year's Eve concert was recorded in Moscow and featured Iosif Kobzon, a prominent crooner and ruling-party Russian parliament deputy who has been declared persona non grata in Ukraine, along with singers Valeria, Oleg Gazmanov, and Nikolai Baskov