(QHA) -

The civic initiative Crimea SOS is launching a project to create the feature documentary “Mustafa”, which narrates the life story of Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev who spent over 15 years as a political prisoner in Soviet camps and went on the longest ever hunger strike of 306 days.

The project was initiated by Olga Morkova, who worked in United Nations and OSCE addressing the crisis of Ukraine; a Crimean Tatar activist Tamila Tasheva and Ukrainian musician Fima Chupakhin.

To implement the non-commercial project, the authors has asked for support, as some of 90 thousand hryvnyas of 150 thousand needed have already been raised.

“We will narrate a story of a young man, who graduates from school in Uzbekistan. He dreams of returning to his homeland. He spends days in libraries, reading Ismail Gasprinsky’s magazines, written in Turkish, Russian and Arabic. In order to understand Gasprinsky’s works clearer he is to enter a university to learn Arabic, still the Soviet authorities oppose this decision. Then Jemilev… If you want the story to be continued, we call on you to support our project”- reads the statement of the project’s authors.

“The film plans to cover Mustafa’s story since 1943, so research will be needed in order to have the best historical accuracy. The historian-consultant Vakhtang Kipiani will help to gather information from world archives to achieve this. The movie will contain interviews with famous human rights activists of the Soviet period. With your support, the film-makers will be able to travel to New York and Moscow to shoot the interviews, and ensure a high quality of the film (shooting, editing, sound recording, and composing an original soundtrack)”- summed up in the statement.

You can support the project here: igg.me/at/mustafa and here https://biggggidea.com/project/882/.