The National TV and Radio Committee permitted broadcast for two Russian TV channels on Ukraine's territory. 
As Chairman of the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting Volodymyr Manzhosov informed, according to a decision taken at today's meeting, the list of programs that comply with requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television was added with TV channels RTR Planeta and TVCI, as well as the Israeli Russian-language channel Tele 9.
As regards the Belarusian channel Belarus TV, a decision on its inclusion into the list was postponed since "the situation with observance of the copyright and allied rights was not cleared out in order that the channel could broadcast on Ukraine's territory."
In addition, Manzhosov informed that in the nearest future the National TV and Radio Committee will consider an issue about broadcast for another 15 foreign TV channels, both Russian and European.
Today, 102 foreign TV channels broadcast via Ukrainian cable networks.