Two Crimeans accused of blowing up Prosecutor's Office

Aleksandr Kernis and Aleksey Lysenko are accused of assisting Maxim Filatov, who earlier was sentenced to six years in prison for setting fire to a mosque in the city of Simferopol.

24 August 2016 12:53

The so-called "Supreme Court" of the Crimea confirmed that Aleksandr Kernis and Aleksey Lysenko have been arrested in absentia. The men are accused of attempting to blow up the building of the Simferopol Prosecutor's Office. They are charged with facilitating a terrorist activity (Part 1 of Section 205.1 of the Criminal Code), according to Mediazona.

Earlier their case was considered separate from the case of a Simferopol resident Maksim Filatov who is believed to be the alleged executor of the terrorist act. Filatov was accused of setting fire to a mosque in the city of Simferopol July 2016.

The North Caucasus Military District Court sentenced him to a six years' jail term. The charges and remand in custody were issued only on the basis of Filatov’s testimony.

According to the lawyer of the accused, there is no other evidence of their guilt. In the course of the interview with "Mediazona" Kernis and Lysenko said they do not know Filatov and denied all charges.

So far, both accused are wanted.

Photo: Internet