Pupils of Turkish city of Hamidiye performed Crimean Tatar national anthem ‘Ant Etkenmen’ during their school-leaving party, head of Crimean Tatar Association (dernek) in Aksaray Mesut Erish announced.

“We are children of the nation, that will never forget who they are and never forget their Homeland”- said pupils and performed the anthem.

There was also documentary film and theatrical performance about the deportation of 1944.

The events were organized by school directorate and teachers, about 1000 people attended the school-leaving party.

There are about 2500 residents in Turkish city of Hamidiye, and all of them are Crimean Tatars. They moved here in1890 -1900, from Simferopol, Sudak, Belogorsk and other rayons of Crimea.

Hamidiye middle-aged and old residents speak Crimean Tatar language.