The Board of Directors of the International Journalists Association of Turkic-Speaking Countries issued the written statement:

“The newspaper "Terdzhiman" ("Translator") was published for the first time on April 10, 1883 thanks to the works of Ismail Gasprinski, well-known Crimean Tatar and Turkish politician, intellectual, writer, educator and publisher. It has become known throughout the world for 35 years.

Today our way is illuminated by the Gasprinski’s principle: "Unity in thought, language and action." Independent Crimean Tatar journalists fighting for their rights all over the world are being suppressed because they think differently and do not want to live under occupation. 

Today, our colleagues, wherever they may be, in whatever country they may live, should patronize the Crimean Tatar journalists, telling the truth about the Russian occupation of Crimea. Human rights organizations and news agencies should monitor the situation and talk about the infringement of freedom of speech in Crimea."

Photo: Internet