During the meeting of Turkic media representatives in Eskisehir, the resolution was adopted to continue work on creating the international media platform of the Turkic world. The resolution outlines joint activities, such as creating a common media product, developing and launching of a website dedicated to Turkic world media. Representatives from various countries (regions) have been selected to continue this work in 2014. As noted by organizers, the media platform will be developed with participation of international organizations. The platform will adhere to the principles of free expression and freedom of speech, protection of human rights and children's rights. Eskisehir Governor Azim Gyungor Tuna noted in his speech: “In fact, we now create a foundation and write a history. I would like for our fraternal relations between media to continue strengthening. In the framework of the program “Eskisehir- the cultural capital of the Turkic world” we have sent students to different countries so that they familiarized with the cultural heritage of the Turkic countries… We believe that through the unity our friendship will develop”.