Two Turkish military attachés - Staff Colonel Ilhan Yashitly and a naval attaché, Colonel Khalis Tunç – went missing in Greece, reported a local media.

The whereabouts of the military’s families are also unknown. According to preliminary data, the attaché could flee to Italy.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has officially confirmed the information on the escape. According to him, both fugitives went to Italy by ferry:

The Greece authorities reported that both Colonels went to Italy with their families. A brother of Attache Khalis Tunç lives in the Netherlands. We assess the possibility of fleeing to the Netherlands.

On August, 10 State Attorney's Office and the Turkish Ministry of Justice sent a request to the Greek authorities asking to extradite eight soldiers who participated in the July coup and sought temporary asylum in Greece. Two colonels were also among them.

August, 9 the former general was expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces and instead of returning to the Republic, Ugurlu appealed to the US authorities asking for asylum. It was the first request of the Turkish military for political asylum in the US following the failed coup attempt.

Photo: Internet